• X-Rays

    X-rays done with your safety in mind.

    All X-rays are administered with precision and your safety in mind. We provide you with the necessary radiation protection shielding and use the lowest amount of radiation to minimize your exposure.

    All procedures are done by experienced technicians. The following X-ray services are available:

    – TB Exams
    – Physical Exams
    – Full Body x-ray
    – CT- Scan
    – MRI

  • Physical Exams

    Physical exams with quality care.

    Our experienced physicians are committed to the education, privacy, and high quality of care for their patients. Every physical exam is thorough and procedures are properly explained.

    We provide physicals for:

    – Pre-employment
    – DMV
    – School
    – D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. – Drug Exam (MRO Report Included)
    – Breath and Alcohol Exam

  • Ultrasound

    We utilize the latest in ultra sound tecnology.

    Utilizing the latest technology and performed by experienced technicians, we provide Ultrasound services for every need including, but not limited to:

    – Renal
    – Pelvic
    – Abdominal
    – Venograms (Veins)
    – Obstetrical (Fetal age)
    – Cardiac (Heart)
    … Many more

  • Urgent Care

    We treat urgent care injuries as quickly as possible.

    All urgent care injuries are taken care of as quickly as possible with the best treatment available. Our physicians have many years of experience in urgent care and make sure to make the process as painless and safe as they can with the best results.
    The following are a few of the urgent injuries we treat:

    – Lacerations
    – Fractures
    – Dog bites
    – Sudden Abdominal Pains
    – Automobile accidents
    – Burns
    – Urinary Tract Infections
    – Chest Pains
    – Eye Injuries

  • General Care

    We are committed to high quality care.

    Our experienced physicians are committed to the education, privacy, and high quality of care for their patients. We take great consideration in your comfort and the experience of your visit.

    We are here to serve your every health need and will listen to every concern to make sure you receive the best treatment.

    We provide the following general care services:

    – Vaccinations
    – Vitamins
    – Workers Comp
    – Fevers
    – Allergies
    – Urinary Tract Infections
    – Head Aches
    – Pediatrics
    – Geriatrics
    – Pregnancy test
    – Physical Exams
    – Sports Medicine
    – Ingrown Toe nail removal
    – Fungal Treatments

  • Orthopedic Medicine

    Experienced physicians treating your bones and muscles. 

    Any need for orthopedic treatment or diagnosis can be done with our experienced physicians and up to date machines.

    We provide services for the following:

    – Fractures
    – Arthritis
    – Surgeries
    – Sports Medicine

  • Prostate Exams

    Prostate exams are usually done with blood work for accuracy and comfort. Every exam is done with complete privacy and professionalism.

  • Laboratory Work

    The following services are available:

    – Urine Exam
    – Blood Tests
    – Diabetes Test
    … Many more.

  • Accepted Insurance

    Below is a list of a few of the popular insurance plans accepted:


We cover a variety of PPO plans under the following providers:

  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna

We cover a variety of HMO plans under the following providers:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Sheild
  • California Care
  • Citizens Choice
  • Care First
  • Cigna
  • Easy Choice
  • Health Net
  • Give us a call today to verify if your plan is accepted.

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